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Data Speaks...
People Mumble

A Quantitative approach to lead generation & online sales.

There is not one piece of digital marketing that is not data driven. Regardless if it's a Facebook Ad, Content for a blog post, or the design of a website, there is always valuable data feedback. From the way people interact on your website, engage with your ads, and take action on your offers, it's all measurable, and it can all be improved to bring about the best return on investment. This why we read between the lines and let the data speak for itself to lead us to better results and higher ROI's. Contact Us


Less, but better.

At Optemyz our business is predicated on the idea that Less is More. We know that when it comes to digital marketing, and marketing for that matter, you have a lot of choices. There are thousands of companies, that will and probably are, trying to sell you on a never-ending list of marketing solutions all of which they claim will transform your business. However the truth of the matter is that only a few marketing channels offer you the reach, targeting, and reporting of Facebook & Google. We are all in on leveraging the power of these channels, and offering comprehensive, result driven solutions for our clients. Take full advantage of what these digital platforms have to offer and experience the power of a laser focused strategy. Hear How It Has Worked For Others

Local Business

Predictable and profitable lead generation strategies are the life-blood of local businesses. Let us leverage today's most cost effective lead generation platforms for your local business.

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Multi-Location Business

If you operate as a franchise or run a multi-location business you should be deploying essential marketing tactics that are congruent with your vision and create a supercharged overall marketing strategy.

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Whether you are looking to optimize the performance of your current online store & sales process or launching a new brand or product line, you need a digital marketing strategy that delivers.

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Need An Audit?

Are your marketing pieces and digital assets all working together? Our in depth audits offer a complete 'under the hood' look at your existing digital assets and strategies to identify potential holes, examine ways to increase conversions and help to discover opportunities.

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Knowledgable Where It Counts

Experts on leading platforms.