Owning your own business is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Being that often many hats have to be worn, and energy continually must be put forth for growth and maintenance, business at times can prove to be somewhat overwhelming. There never seems to be enough hours in a day, and only if you got that last thing, or list of things done.

We offer a few tips to help with the success of your business. They are simple tactics that can be incorporated daily. Sometimes it’s simplifying that brings the most reward.

Start the day with 10 minutes of those projects you keep avoiding. We all have those things that we know we need to do, we just keep waiting to start them. Begin your day with prioritizing the most important and difficult tasks to do and get started on them.  Start of with one task and for only 10 minutes. Not only have you finally started it, but you begin to set forth a habit that becomes easier to adopt.

Exercise. But there’s no time…right? It’s easy to forgo your daily exercise to “be more productive”, but sticking with it can create more productivity than without it. Daily exercise not only releases tension, reduces stress, and builds confidence, it also increases brain power and helps you to overcome and move through challenges in business. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and releases natural feel good endorphins. This alone may be the boost you need. More challenging exercise makes you set goals and create strategies to get through them. This can translate into your business and prove to be a big win….and just for taking care of yourself!

Turn Facebook off or Phone notifications. It is so easy to get off track when there is a need to see who just emailed you or what new notification came through, or even worse, who’s saying what on Facebook. It becomes a habit to have to check. If you are trying to get through a project, this can make it near difficult and a waste of a lot of time. It’s easy to go sideways and never finish what you set out to do when you constantly have distractions in the back ground. At least set aside an hour or two a day without the distraction.

Determine what’s essential for the day. It is so easy to make a laundry list of projects and tasks that must get done. Just looking at the list can be overwhelming and drive the brain into a state that actually gets less done. Action is important, but to often…90% of the time, the wrong actions are put into play. It’s easy to feel like you “need” to be doing something to be effective. More times than not it’s focusing on less to actually get more done. Focus on the essentials that are important. Make another list of the non essentials.

Really it comes down to doing the right actions. Not all actions are created equal. To fill a day with 90% of the wrong actions and get severely overwhelmed and completely fatigued not only drains you mentally, but physically. It becomes a domino effect that you become used to. It’s forming new habits that bring forward successes, no matter there size. And remember, trying to make too many changes at once becomes like that long list of responsibilities…overwhelming! Being overwhelmed is inefficient and tiring!



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