What is SEO?

Let’s give you the low down on the SEO noun (noun phrase). It stands for:

Search Engine Optimization

It’s the way your “optemyz” your website to search engines (think Google, Bing, Yahoo), so that they can find you and then deliver you to the people searching for what you or your business has to offer.  It entails efforts of both technical and creative energies to effectively communicate with search engines and your target audience about who you are and what you offer.

Imagine the internet being highways that leads to your business.  Now let’s pretend someone is driving with no GPS and wants to find the service you offer. Without an address to go to, or a map to get there the driver will not find you.

So you have an address (your website).  Now the driver just needs a map to get to that address.  Search Engines essentially are the road map to your business.

As time goes on, things change.  That means advertising is changing too. No longer are people looking for up services in the good ol’ phone book (well those over 75 might still be), they are looking you up on their cell phone or computer.  Now “will they find you?” is the question, and an important one to ask yourself. So will they?  And if not, why not??


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