We say, “this is the best value for your marketing dollar, end of story.” After spending a long time devising how to bring the most value to a local business, we have finally figured it out. Customers Calling You! Yes potential customers calling your phone. What could be more valuable than customers calling for your services, most of which who need your services immediately. Nothing is better than that, right?

So here is how we do it. We coordinate with you, the target market you want to attract for your business. Then we go into the deep sea of the internet and go find them. By building a targeted campaign, with Web Presence by Optemyz, casting a net in the midst of where your target market congregates, and then we round them up and deliver them to you…we actually get them to deliver themselves.  This creates multiple points of entry to your business, and creates an enormous amount of online presence. Soon enough we have fresh customers newly inquiring about your service with intent to buy, calling you directly. Now all you have to do is what it is you do best.  If you had a limited marketing budget and could only choose one way to market, this is the way.