Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential.

Being buried in Google does not bring you business. Just think about it. How often do you go and search for something that you need or seek? You open up your phone, tablet, ipad, or computer and type in specific “keywords” to find what your looking for. Do you scroll to page 2? or 3? or 4? or 15? Either do other people.  To appear in the top list of results, your website needs to be search engine optimized.



Why do you need SEO?

Bottom line…..More Business. More business awareness. More money coming in.

The development of online presence through SEO is not going anywhere anytime soon. With the Digital Era only growing, it’s never been more important than now to develop ways for people to find your business. With consumers being able to do so much of their own research and search browsing, to not be put in front of them when they seek your service or product is essentially losing business. It is the time we live in. If you are in business to grow, gain customers, product and brand awareness, then you  must engage and optimize yourself with search engines.

A few key reasons SEO is valuable.

  1.  More people will find you. Being found is a necessity for growth.
  2.  24/7 business opportunity. Internet is always on. That means people access it 24/7. Sure your business can be closed, but your website can be working for you around the clock.
  3. Online Market Share. We live in an online world. The majority of people explore online information for personal needs, to make decisions, to make purchases to pay bills, to interact socially, to share information, and more. Grab a piece of the market where people are actively at.
  4. Your industry competitors are doing it. That means to gain online market traction and your share of business from the internet, you need to doing it too. Otherwise you are sending customers to your competitors.

In order to have your business, service or product found online, you must be Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

If  the Search Engines do not know you exist or you have not proven your value and relevancy to them, then people searching for what you offer will never know you exist. Why? They won’t let them. You will stay back in the boonie pages, the “where no one goes” pages, and never be found. You want potential customers to  find you in a search engines results. If not, competitors in your industry that are being found will take the cake in the online arena. We didn’t make the rule. We are just hoping to help you understand it. There are a lot of really good businesses that people are unaware of because they are buried in the back pages of search engines.


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